Thursday, May 2, 2013

Big Business Woman

When I was a little girl, when people used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, my response was always the same, "A big business woman!" (?) For some reason, I was always drawn to the idea or image of a successful woman, the look, or the confidence they seemed to have. What I saw was a women who dressed in a pant suit and carried a brief case. You know the kind, the put together women who swiftly walks through airports, as if they own the world, and has somewhere really important to be. These women always look busy.  They look important.  They look good. However, they rarely look happy.

While my actual career choice has changed, I feel in a way my childhood dream is coming true. But here's the difference: I'm currently sitting quietly in a little corner of the Denver airport, in yoga pants and running shoes. My luggage consists of running T-shirts, signs, and race supplies. The important place I get to go is to the Purcell's home in South Bend, IN where we will discuss and finalize the details for the event that will help to get their baby(ies) here.  

I don't think I would necessarily be considered a successful woman. I don't walk above normal speed. I often follow the crowd in airports, and for heavens sake, I don't even know where I would buy a pant suit, let alone wear one, but I think my definition of "success," or even "a big business woman" has changed.  I feel like I'm living my dream in this moment, as silly as it may sound. I am continually in awe at this opportunity that seemed to just open up and change my life, this "business" of pounding the pavement to help people become parents.  I have an amazing team working with me, and there's is NO WAY I could do anything without them. Yes, I'm busy, but this work is important, and I am truly happy (see the difference?). To me, that spells big success, bigger than young Jill could've dreamed or defined.

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  1. Oh how I love this. That weekend was special and one we'll never, ever forget. This passion is definitely something we have in common--I hope Matt and I can be very involved in the future! :)