Monday, April 29, 2013

Good November

For me, November brings with it clarity. After the candy rush from Halloween leaves my system, it seems I'm able to focus on important things. I have much to be thankful for. Especially right now in my life and current life-happening, it's clear and right here for me to see how blessed I really am.

Mostly, the people in my life are the huge realized current blessing. What would I do without these people? That question has left me stumped many times over the last 18 days. I have two friends who have stepped up...I mean, stepped up big time! Thank you to those two friends again and again. ("love you, bye!")

When faced with life challenges like this, you do indeed see who your real and true friends are, as well as the character of those with whom you associate with. Believe it or not, insensitivity has reered it's ugly face in bigger ways than the usual, which wasn't suprising but always disappointing. It's been...enlightening to say the least.

It is a very strange and difficult thing for me to ask for help. Asking for help suggests my inability to take care of it myself, a feeling I'm uncomfortable with. Beyond that, opening up and letting the world know and asking it to be a part of this very personal part of me is more than's a raw, exposed feeling. It's uncomfortable. I'm living with this new uneasy feeling and with it has come some amazing experiences as people show genuine concern and generosity towards me and Marv. It's been a special thing to witness. It's overwhelming. It's changed me.

Today I'm just so thankful for people, the good people who have shown their true colors in amazing ways. The world really is full of people with heart. I'm thankful to be able to glimpse into that rare and necessary part of the heart and soul of humankind.

(written 11/3/10)

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