Thursday, April 25, 2013


After a series of recent events I have learned some things about myself and about the perspective people have about infertility.

I believe that infertility is one of the least supported causes out there. It's uncomfortable for many "fertiles" to discuss or acknowledge. Some people think it's too private to fight for or to ask for help. Some think fertility treatments and/or adoption are simply options so 'why should we support a couple's choice verses someone with a disease, etc who doesn't have much of a choice?' To that I say, "DO we have a choice?!"

When you are given odds that say, 'you either do this or adopt,' how much of a choice do you really have? And isn't starting and building families one of the most important causes out there?!

I have learned that I will never stop fighting and helping the cause of infertility. I will never stop reaching out to those who have the ache and yearning for their children. We are a small community but I know that as we all work together with the resources that we do have (thanks to many wonderful people and physicians that I now call friends), we truly can help eachother and raise awareness for a difficult and often ignored cause.

"Tell my mom not to give up..."

I never will.

Infertility, I got your back. Always.

(written 10/1/11)

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