Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mother's Day

I'm not fond of the day we call Mother's Day. I am fond of my mother, nevertheless. I love and respect her more than either one of us would feel comfortable discussing. at everything she does, including mothering.

Sometimes my infertility hits me like a ton of bricks. Little somethings will trigger those feelings of "why not me?" and "will it ever happen?" It's hard to think about how long those feelings have been with me; harder still thinking of how long I possibly have to go...

Mother's day is a terrible day (humble opinion). I think it is wonderful to celebrate the amazing women in our lives, to reflect on their goodness, and to thank them for all they have done and do. BUT, it can always be a day of pain for so many women.: those who are not married, those of us in the depths of infertility longing for the title, and those who have lost children... To us, it is simply a day to be reminded over and over again of what we want most.

SO...I'm boycotting the day. (yes, even church - gasp!) And I'm renaming the day WOMEN'S DAY! I'm going to celebrate every year from this point on, the WOMEN in my life who are strong, lovely, and good on this holiday. Feel free to join me! I can call around to calendar companies and see what I can do. ;)

The ability to love and nurture are in all women (not just those who have children) and that alone should be remembered and celebrated.

Happy Women's Day to you all!

(written 5/7/11)

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